Can a media be local but global at the same time?

The “Modern Local Media” workshop, had the challenge of creating the methodological preconditions for the production and implementation of a local information body, modeled on the needs of the different communities that inhabit the territory, with the ambition to build an approach to local information that can be shared and replicated in other communities, an open source information code. The resulting product, La Seppia News is a monthly one page media, between physical and digital, distributed throughout the year by posting.

The prototype worked on during the week of Crossings 2022 takes the form of a Summer issue, valid for the three summer months, made on a beach towel, an unconventional support, which makes it both useful and informative. , as well as potentially attractive for sponsors who can make it sustainable.
The contents range from informative contents, storytelling, and know-how, up to call to action, and useful services, all realized in the Belmonte Calabro area.