My work for lab G124 – created by the architect and Senator for life Renzo Piano – focused on the production of different storytellings about some Italian suburbs and on the direction of photography of the editorial products created to communicate the project.

Politics comes from the word politikos, which is the adjective of polis, which means everything related to the city and the citizen. Following this fascination senator for life Renzo Piano, who works as an architect, decided to take care of the suburbs that represent the city of the future. He is doing so through the work of the team G124, which takes its name from the number of the senator’s office in Palazzo Giustiniani, turned into a laboratory to plan the regeneration of the outskirts of the Italian cities.

Walter Mariotti

The mending of the suburbs is based on six points, those that can transform a neighbourhood, even the most degraded, into a liveable strip of the city.

First of all, in the suburbs, it’s important to have a mix: generations, economics, ethnics and consequently also functional.
Secondarily, we need to fertilize those by disseminating them to public buildings, services, schools, universities, libraries, civic centers, cultural activities: places for people where meeting and sharing are celebrated.
Then, in order to enhance the public transportations, the districts must be well-connected to the city center, allowing people to drop the obligation of the car.
Fourth: green as connective tissue, a filter between city and countryside that limits the consumption of the soil. When it comes to mending work on buildings, scientific diagnostics is essential, allowing surgical intervention with light construction sites that do not displace residents, with whom the architect must discuss their needs through participatory processes.