I Luoghi del Cuore

For ten years the Italian Environment Fund (FAI) asks Italians to report their "Places of the Heart", places of scenic, artistic and monumental heritage to be preserved and protected. The census has so far raised more than two million reports, and allowed us to preserve an important part of the great cultural and natural heritage of our country.

To celebrate the anniversary, eight photographers (Angelo Antolino, Antonio Zambardino Giuseppe Carotenuto, Gianni Cipriano, Claudio Morelli, Roberto Morelli, Clara Vannucci and Carlotta Zarattini), coordinated by Daria photoeditor Bonera photographed some of the most significant places of the heart.

The result of the photographic campaign is published in the book I luoghi del Cuore, L'Italia scelta dagli italiani

Produced by DB Daria Bonera Agency