Rio De Janeiro

Reportage relized for Touring Magazine / National Geographic Traveler

Renzo Piano G124

Renzo Piano, G124 Politics comes from the word politikos, which is the adjective of polis , which means everything related to the city and the citizen. Following this fascination senator for life Renzo Piano, who works as an architect, decided to take care of the suburbs that represent the city of the future. He is doing so through the work of the team G124, which takes its name from the number of the senator’s office in Palazzo Giustiniani, turned into a laboratory to plan the regeneration of the outskirts of the Italian cities. I work as: Photo-Journalist Picture Editor and Director of Photography Director for motion pictures.

South Africa

Reportage in South Africa realized for Touring Magazine / National Geographic Traveler

New Italian Kingdom

Before 1861 Italy was not a unitary State. In center-south Italy Regal House of Bourbons dominated the Two Sicilies Kingdom (Regno delle Due Sicilie). After the invasion, Savoian Regal House took the power in whole Italy up to the Secondo World War of 1939/1945. After more than a century the Neo-Bourbonic and Neo-Savoian movements still wish the return of the old Royal Houses. Realized for IL, Intelligence in Lifestyle, Il Sole 24 Ore

Uruguay, The Country of Meat

Uruguay is one of the largest meat producers in the world. Their cattle are raised in the open, under natural conditions with a mild climate, fertile land and abundance of water generated in its many rivers and streams, ensuring the welfare of animals. Almost 100 000 people share the environment with animals. In addition to livestock producers and meat processing industry, this area of work to many people. Uruguay is the second country in the world in beef consumption per person, with 53 kilos per person per year. Produces about 600 000 tonnes of beef a year, 150 thousand for domestic consumption and 450 000 are going to the world. The meat goes to over 80 countries and represents a quarter of merchandise exports from Uruguay. To reach these objectives, our country has designed the best livestock information systems in the world: Traceability + Electronic Information System for the Meat Industry. Investment in technology is in a very specific sense: to know more about natural cycles and learn more and more to follow building on the tools of the Information Society. These achievements coupled with the health status achieved by Uruguay and product quality has been enhanced to Uruguayan beef in the demanding markets. Realized for IL, Intelligence in Lifestyle | Il Sole24Ore

Amazonìa Adios

From 1967 to 1997, the Nord American oil company Texaco extracted about 5,6 billion liters of oil in the Ecuadorean Amazon, generally known as “Est”. Texaco is now accused of discharging there 60,6 millions of liter of crude and 70,1 billions of toxic water, polluting 2,5 millions acres of land. These are the numbers of one of biggest environmental disasters ever committed. This amount assumes more importance considering the dumping took place in lands with a big importance for the global ecosystem. In Amazon and specifically in provinces of Sucumbios and Orellana. In these lands cases of cancer and malformations exponentially increased with an amount above national average. Scientific studies created a relationship between this intensification and oil pollution. Two native populations extincted during the oil extraction period and the presence of oil in rivers and lands is still verifiable. Texaco built 336 wells and 948 pools for oil storage often hidden to National Authorities. From 1993 local communities struck down by devastating effects of extraction and storage of toxic waters have started a legal battle generating one of biggest environmental actions ever celebrated in the world. The 15th of February 2011, the court of Lago Agrio sentenced Texaco have to pay about 9 Billions dollars to refound victims of pollution and restore the original eco-system. Work published on IL, Intelligence in Lifestyle | Il Sole24Ore

I Luoghi del Cuore

For ten years the Italian Environment Fund (FAI) asks Italians to report their "Places of the Heart", places of scenic, artistic and monumental heritage to be preserved and protected. The census has so far raised more than two million reports, and allowed us to preserve an important part of the great cultural and natural heritage of our country. To celebrate the anniversary, eight photographers (Angelo Antolino, Antonio Zambardino Giuseppe Carotenuto, Gianni Cipriano, Claudio Morelli, Roberto Morelli, Clara Vannucci and Carlotta Zarattini), coordinated by Daria photoeditor Bonera photographed some of the most significant places of the heart. The result of the photographic campaign is published in the book I luoghi del Cuore, L'Italia scelta dagli italiani Produced by DB Daria Bonera Agency

The Road of Riders

A selection of pictures from works realized for Riders Magazine

Business In Palestine

Journey to the West Bank, journey to the “other” Palestine, the ones of the business men, of the new middle-class, of the bankers, of the trendy shopping mall and of the art galleries. Journey to the Palestine of the speculation and of the building contractors that during the recent years (thanks to a constant foreign funds’ revenue) are modifying the “face” of a land known more for the tension with Israel than for the internal change that it is experiencing. Buying a house today in Ramallah will cost 30% more than three years ago; an apartment in the city centre could worth 1 milion euros and the businesses increased their value by 40%. On a hill not far from the centre and from which you can see Jerusalem, a new concept of ultra-modern city is borning: Rawabi is the perfect example of the change happing in the West Bank and it embodies perfectly the spirit of the new generations. Modernity, comforts, technology, demotic, green areas and much more. In Jericho, instead, where the richest palestinians have their own week-end villa, is opening – really next to a mosque – the first water park in Palestine. And then we can count five stars hotels (with Italian chefs), Italian and french fashion shops, luxury cars (which to be imported can cost twice than in the native country), foreign companies investing in the country. This is the “new Palestine”. The ones of the economic reforms that helps dramatically the use of the private credit and that always more makes business with Israel. Datas, voices and stories of a growing country. Abstract from a text by Elena Montobbio

A journey to Izmir

İzmir is a city in the western extremity of Anatolia and the third most populous city in Turkey, after Istanbul and Ankara. It is a rapidly growing city on the Central Aegean coast of Turkey. With 8,500-year-old historical and cultural background, extraordinary natural beauty, its weather counts 300 sunny days in a year. According to “Global Metro Monitor 2014” by USA’s Brookings Instıtute and JP Morgan Chase; Izmir, is the second fastest growing city in the world.

Selva Electoral

Presidential Elections of Perù. Populations who lives in Amazon are forced to move for kilometers and find the first polling place. By boat, peke (little canoes) or walking for hours in the rainforest. Voting booths, scrutators arrive by helicopters with army. Realized for IL, Intelligence in Lifestyle, Il sole 24 ore