Business In Palestine

Journey to the West Bank, journey to the “other” Palestine, the ones of the business men, of the new middle-class, of the bankers, of the trendy shopping mall and of the art galleries. Journey to the Palestine of the speculation and of the building contractors that during the recent years (thanks to a constant foreign funds’ revenue) are modifying the “face” of a land known more for the tension with Israel than for the internal change that it is experiencing.

Buying a house today in Ramallah will cost 30% more than three years ago; an apartment in the city centre could worth 1 milion euros and the businesses increased their value by 40%. On a hill not far from the centre and from which you can see Jerusalem, a new concept of ultra-modern city is borning: Rawabi is the perfect example of the change happing in the West Bank and it embodies perfectly the spirit of the new generations. Modernity, comforts, technology, demotic, green areas and much more. In Jericho, instead, where the richest palestinians have their own week-end villa, is opening – really next to a mosque – the first water park in Palestine.

And then we can count five stars hotels (with Italian chefs), Italian and french fashion shops, luxury cars (which to be imported can cost twice than in the native country), foreign companies investing in the country. This is the “new Palestine”. The ones of the economic reforms that helps dramatically the use of the private credit and that always more makes business with Israel.

Datas, voices and stories of a growing country.

Abstract from a text by Elena Montobbio