Selva Electoral

for IL magazine / Il Sole 24 Ore

reportage photography

To avoid abstentionism to raise because of out-of-town weekends, in Italy polls are open also on Mondays, so that not a single one can’t find some time to cast his vote before going to work. In Peru, instead, getting on time to vote looks more like an obstacle course. For many Amazon inhabitants voting means packing up and leaving for a couple of days. In Peru, indeed, a poll can’t be opened for less than 200 voters: if you live in a remote village in the middle of the forest, you’ll probably have to reach the nearest center, which can be hours and hours away. Better not to vote, if only there wasn’t an abstention fee from 18 to 72 soles (4 to 18 euros) to pay. In this reportage is made of the stories of the voters forced to travel for very long distances to cast their (mandatory) vote, through dense vegetation, river currents, with wild beasts and dangerous insects.